The ASC team works with architects, facilities managers, landscape designers, schools and public agencies to install high-quality synthetic surfaces. Our services include:

Production consultation/design

Each client and every situation are unique. During our free consultation, we explain all the synthetic turf options that best meet your needs and your budget. From football and soccer fields to multi-use facilities, golf driving ranges and commercial landscaping, our experienced team will help you determine which surface is right for you. Then, we’ll design it and stripe it (if necessary) to your specifications.

Turf installation

Our team of experts is skilled at installing quality synthetic surfaces that are safe, look great and will last for years. We combine our deep knowledge and technical expertise with a relentless pursuit of innovation. We continuously refine our processes, incorporating new technologies and approaches to elevate the quality of our installations. We will correctly prepare the area to ensure installation goes smoothly, is accomplished on time and on budget, and that your field or synthetic surface will exceed your expectations.

Turf maintenance/grooming

Our maintenance and attention to detail mean that we can maximize the safety, consistency, performance and durability of the premium synthetic turf systems we install. We offer an extensive line of field care products and equipment, all specifically designed to maintain the best overall surface. Our maintenance programs will not only keep fields looking and playing their best, but it can extend the lifespan of synthetic surfaces.


ASC is committed to the environment and sustainability, which is why we only install surfaces that can be recycled. Many companies talk about the recyclability of artificial grass, where the old turf is repurposed for other applications, but much of that turf ultimately ends up in landfills or discarded piles. Our goal is to work with companies to achieve true “cradle-to-cradle” recycling and be a part of a positive change in the industry to recycle end-of-life fields into new surfaces or other valuable products.